November 11, 2019

What other people think about you, is none of your business. –

What other people think about you, is none of your business.

What is your business – is how to think and talk to yourself.

You know that voice that doesn’t stop talking. How much do you believe that voice?

For a very long time I was a people pleaser. Being brought up in a loving but fairly conservative family, we were not allowed to speak up, always worrying what other people might think or say.

I have come a very long way…

You and I, we judge others, and they judge us. We all do it. Maybe that’s why we worry so much?

I am sure you’ve heard this before. All it takes is seven seconds for us to form a strong first impression. And according to a Princeton study, people judge honesty from facial appearance in just one-tenth of a second. less than the blink of an eye.

An average person has roughly 60,000 thoughts per day. Up to 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive. So my question is: Why do we give so much attention to what other people think or say when we know they are mostly negative?

In fact, it has not much to do with you, it is just how humans are.

You might judge me right now, but that is not who I am. You might get judged about your dress, your gender, or your success. But this is not who you are.

But who are you? By asking myself this question I came across this great mantra.

The voice in my head is not me, I am that which chooses to react or not to react to this voice. Realizing this I am, FREE.

By repeating this over and over and over again, until I realized, YES it is just another story – one of these voices.

It is so powerful and liberating, knowing that we have the choice to believe it. When we train this voice in our head to be more relaxed and positive, I think we can make huge changes in the diversity together.

Only a few weeks ago I heard a social media expert saying:

We are no longer talking about B2B or B2C. We are talking about

H2H – human to human“. Isn’t‘ this wonderful? Personally I go a bit further, because I believe that we are souls having a human experience. We are all very diverse and have many different interests. So why not label ourselves as humans? A human who makes mistakes, because that is why we are here. To learn and to grow.

And if we can grow together even better. I mean, whether we look at gender equality, or the Extinction Rebellion, or even the streets of Hong Kong – Change will only come when we stand together as one. And this – for me – means DIVERSITY TOGETHER.

About the Author Doris Bullus

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