September 15, 2019

Last Saturday a book fell in my hands that I’ve had at home for months, but it just wasn’t the right time to deal with the subject.

It was Marisa Schmid’s book „One hundred percent selflove“.  Browsing it briefly I knew that I wanted to work with it now. It is a 30-day workbook.  I planned to start on Monday.


It is Sunday morning and I am doing my morning ritual: writing in my diary what I value in my life; doing a short meditation; and then some physical exercises.  There was Marisa’s book in front of me and I started to read. Suddenly the thought crept into my head: „Why should I wait until tomorrow just because it is Monday? I continued to read and did the first exercise.


How often do we postpone things and wait for the beginning of the month, until it is new moon or full moon, or until Monday 😉 NOW is the moment.


And so, I started spontaneously on Sunday. The first task was titled: “I am inspired.” What inspires you today that you would want with you for the next 30 days?


Since I already had my jogging clothes on and knew that the forest was waiting for me, I started my adventure full of joy. In two or three spots I usually stop and do some exercises of my choice.  There I was in the Trikonasana, the triangular posture. My glasses fogged up a little through the temperature change but then I saw an indescribably beautiful picture.


The sun beamed between two trees.  It reflected brightly in my tinted glasses. Like a laser dot in the centre, and then the colours blue, green, yellow and orange sparkled like a thousand rays.  I moved fractionally.  The spell was gone.  I played very slightly with the angle of my pose.  Instantly the magic was back again.


I was blown away by the spectacle of colours. The glitter and sparkle of the rainbow colours, as well as the beauty and variety of nature that revealed itself to me at that moment – indescribable.


My inspiration is that when I concentrate on the middle, the heart, my heart, which shines small but powerful, the light spreads infinitely far, colourful and in all directions.

I would like to share this picture with you, inspire you to show and share your light more and more, so that many souls feel touched and carried.

I shine and pass on the light to YOU.

Now it is your turn. What inspires YOU?

About the Author Doris Bullus

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